Pop band in La Mesa, CA, USA


What if the next Taylor Swift asked to come play at a local venue, but you'd never heard of her?    Would you do it?  Now is your chance.  My teenaged daughter, Amanda, and her band mate, Grace, performed at December Nights this past month.  They have also been invited to play at multipe county fairs, farmer's markets, and other venues.  They are a young band on the rise.   Your crowds will love their music.  Musical inspirations for them are Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and Grace Vandewaal.  All of their material is original.  If not satisfied, they will give the $200 fee back with no questions asked.  They are that confident you will like them. Get them while they are cheap.  In a year or two from now, they will be commanding thousands of dollars to perform.   Hire them now, so that in a few years, you can brag that they actually played at your venue. 


Posted on Jan 05 2020 at 06:41am