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Kozmik Landing

Classic rock band in Adelaide SA, Australia


Description: The music of the 70's is considered by many to be the golden age of rock music. The genre of Classic Rock dominated the era, with outstanding musicianship and brilliantly crafted songs and lyrics. You could say that popular music has never really come close to the benchmark that was set in those days. The band Kozmik Landing seems to have come straight from that era, drawing on the influences from those days. Their high energy rock/blues riffs with the powerful and exciting lead vocals of singer/songwriter Vena Cartledge, make Kozmik Landing a must see band for any rock enthusiast.

Kozmik Landing is the original music of a classic rock song writing duo and lifelong partners Robert and Vena Cartledge. They are a South Australian band who wrote and recorded the music on this album 12 years ago in their home studio. Now through the help of Darren Mullan of Adelaide Recording Studios and Neville Clark of Disk-Edits, they have finally completed their debut album “Distant Land.”


The music is a high-energy classic rock/blues music, and probably the best tracks to listen to at first would be ‘Distant Land’ (the Title track of the album) and ‘Shade of Blue’, then gloss of course through the rest of the album. 


Composer and guitarist/keyboardist Robert Cartledge’s musical influences are Led Zeppelin and Wolfmother and a broad range of other genres including classical music. Vena Cartledge’s main influences are Janis Joplin, Alanis Morrisette, and many of the female rockers of the past, yet she also has been heavily influenced by a large range of genre’s including jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Nina Simone.

Robert and Vena have now joined forces with Neil Williams on drums, a brilliant and masterful drummer, who happened to be in the very first band Rob played in when they were 16 years old. Also, the young and accomplished session bassist, Anthony Ciccarello is helping us out to bring Kozmik Landing to the Concert Stage. Together they will bring to the world some of the most exciting classic rock music you will ever hear.


Distant Land EP