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The Almas

Rock and roll band in Burlington, WI, USA


The Almas are an all American touring hard rock band from New Munster, Wisconsin. They impart the truest essence of Rock n' Roll through guitar driven licks, road dog attitudes, and a high energy, professional live performance! Their music has a very large and refreshingly organic sound that follows in the many traditions of the yester-year of Rock N Roll. They jokingly describe themselves as a hard rock version of Fleetwood Mac, just dirtier. The Almas are touring the US in support of their debut album "Back To Bad" to bring the new wave of Rock n' Roll entertainment to your city.


After the bands inception, they released their eponymous EP, The Almas, on April 30, 2017.

On March 18, 2018, The Almas released their first studio album, Back To Bad, from which they released their single “Back to Bad”. The song Back to Bad has gained extreme internet popularity and has been picked up by many radio stations in the Midwestern United States. The album follows in many tradition of the yester year of Rock N Roll. The Almas' intention for the album was to create a rock album truest to its roots.