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Hip-hop band in Tempe, AZ, USA


My name is Anwesh Mohanty. I am 16 years old from Union City, CA. Growing up as a bay area kid, life can get pretty rough, but it depends which side you fall under. On the one side we have hardworking students all trying to reach the peak of success, and on the other hand we had gang's that were creating violence and reeking havoc to get to the top. Now the weird thing is... I got stuck in between both of them. I grew up with the expection of having straight A's and getting into the top colleges in the world, and on the other i had to do many things i was not proud of so i wouldn't get killed by my peers at school. The only way i could escape this hostile enviroment was music. Music helped me understand my problem's and how to deal with each situation that comes up in life, as well as a way to make life seem more... Livable. When i started getting into underground rap and local rappers. I seemed to notice a common trend. Ain't nobody here good at making music...

Fast forward 2 years

My name is Anweezy!. I am 18 years old currently residing in Tempe, Az. I attend Arizona State Universtiy as a freshman in computer information systems, but... I am also a rapper, singer, song writer, producer, and vocal engineer. I released my first EP (Champagne Gold) in 2019. Personally i thought the EP was mediocre, but a couple close friends genuinley liked it. So i pursued on to make another EP (Pure Life). This is when things started to change. People started to understand me and listen to my music for my sound. They didn't compare me to other rappers. So i created my own formula. To this date i have released two new singles (Visionary) and (Extendo (feat. Silllky)). Currently Visonary is my best performing song, and Champagne Gold is a close second. I know people will enjoy my music. Y'all just gotta hear it.


Extendo (feat. Silky)


Pure Life - EP

Champagne Gold - EP