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TC Cross

Country band in Lexington, KY, USA


Hey, my name is Tony “TC” Cross and I have had an extraordinary passion to write, sing and play music every since I was a boy. The lineage of my family's name has spawned many gifted singers and especially guitar players!  We didn’t have much growing up, but there was always some rickety, hard to play, cheap guitar in the corner of the room.  One day I decided to start learning and teaching myself.  I didn't really know the lyrics to any good guitar songs though.  So while I was learning D, C and G chords, at the same time I began writing my first song to have something to sing while learning rythym and tempo.  My father Is a talented singer songwriter!   My mother remarried the monitor sound engineer for the 80s rock band Poison when I was 13!  He has been a huge influence in my life especially in the production aspect of live entertainment.  He's worked with many major acts like Cinderella, American Idol, American Gladiators, Ziggy Marley, Shania Twain, Toby Keith, Slipknot, Type O Negative, Vanilla Ice, Dio, Tanya Tucker and many many more on both national and global tours!   I gained much inside experience and understanding from an artists perspective having such a privledge to roam all access behind the curtains of these huge acts and performers.  I learned tricks of trade and vocal warm up and down exercises in the rare opportunity and time I got with these successful artists one on one!  Once I learned to harness the power of a guitar, rock 'n' roll and fused it with my natural country influences living in Kentucky, an original sound and singer/ songwriter was born!  I began playing gigs any and everywhere that would receive me.  Was blessed with a great opportunity in opening up for Nashville hit songwriter night here in my hometown. Following that performance, I'd then be introduced to one of the most god-given talent, ear, knowledge, understanding and out right know how producer/ singer/ songwriter/ voc instructor/ engineer/ artist development coach all packed into one!  He easily replaces four experts on an artists team and that's what allows people like me to compete.  He's a very special man who'd give me the training and confidence to proceed forward in pursuit of a professional music career!  I am forever grateful and indebted!   He does all my pro recordings in Nashville, TN at Direct Image Studios and his name is Ken Royster.  I was developed, vocally trained and recorded by producer Ken!  Ken's most notably known for another artist he developed and produced 6x platinum and CMA winner Luke Combs!  I just dropped my first album ever Into the Fire and very proud of the work we did!  My dream and goal is to play the Grand Ole Opry, play Rupp Arena and to be a Grammy winner!l


Album Into the Fire releases Dec. 28, 2019 everywhere!  


Posted on Jan 23 2020 at 01:16am