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Jordynn (the Lyricist)

Hip hop / rap musician in Indianapolis, IN, USA


Different is such a well fit word when it comes to describing Jordynn (The Lyricist). With witty lyrics, in depth story lines, and a cadence that rocks any crowd, Jay definitely stands out from many female artist. While she does admittedly dab in the world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, she likes to create a balance between what female rappers are stereotypically known for, and what they could be known for.


A proud late 80s baby born in the corner of Indiana, J.T.L. always knew she had a knack for writing from as long as she could remember. It started as short stories back in 3rd and 4th grade. Only nine years old, many realized she was very talented in expression through words. The stories slowly turned into poetry, the first few batches which were spoofs just to make the family laugh. From that point, she started to grow up, and with growing up came the heartache, sex, drugs, and her poetry reflected events as such.

Everyone goes through trail and error in life. Jordynn was one of the stronger women that learn from her mistakes. Not only is she talented, but very intellectual.


Jordynn feels she is ready to take on the world head on and when told she could possibly face many challenges on her rise to the top, she replies in her favorite slogan, “Well, alright.”



Come Through (Prod. by MK Beatz)