Hiphop band in Los Angeles, CA, USA


Chasity Londyn is an emerging artist  from Pasadena, Ca who's Debut Album "Dazed and Confused" is sparking a buzz with new fan's in and outside the industry her album roll out consisted of a series of self recorded video's she posted persistently on the gram of her performing unreleased song's featured on the album in her bedroom. Dazed and Confused significant release date 10/10 was inspired by a spiritual rebirth in her life that correlates with the angel numbers 1010, for those who are tapped into her realm and have experienced her world through her music (her ART ) her vibe is epitomized as that educated hood enchantress that pull's you into everything she says. A wave of melodic harmonized personal truth's and a taste of divine rawness from my soul to your ear's. (Soul)ful Inspired Poetry from the Heart Space. Raw and Uncut Hip Hop with a Taste of R&B. 

The message behind Chasity is not just playing for ends but playing for keeps playing to inspire to impact to change; her music can be heavy but enlightening at the same time. It's a mixture of I can move to this and I feel you at the same time like she speaking on that real that nobody be tryna speak on but it's still hella groovy;  like damn I'm feeling the fuck out of this and its not about poppin bottles or death culture; but it is. It's like shit is making people move and making niggas aware at the same time and a real one can relate. The sounds of this captivating musical enchantress are Influenced and Inspired by some her favorite artist like Lauryn Hill, Mos Def ( Yasiin Bey ) Talib Kweli, Dwele, Slum Village, The Roots, Badu, Pac, Outkast, Common, Queen Latifah, Da Bratt, Missy Elliot, Foxy Brown, Amy Winehouse, Jay Z and more. Tap into her world with her new album Dazed and Confused but pour a glass of wine, roll a joint and burn some palo santo first . .