Alternative hip-hop musician in Southbury, CT, USA


0-Brien, an alternative punk rap artist, has begun to stand out in the underground scene due to his genre experimentation while constantly evolving his sound and delivery methods in the process. While writing and producing his tracks, he strives to invoke the brutal and honest qualities of his emotions, specifically hoping to heal himself and his listeners.

At around 8-9 years old, Brian Bell wrote his first song in the third grade, already testing the norm and finding his path through creativity. A simple prompt delivered to all his classmates led to him finding his way in the small town of Southbury, Connecticut. The writing process quickly became an outlet of expression, as well as a coping mechanism for the years to come. The songs remained juvenile in the lens of “proper music.” No chords or melodies, just words and emotions eventually being directed through samples, loops, and drum patterns. This take on music became the driving force of his style and experimentation to this day. With no rules to follow and no trained experience, his technique became a thing of his own.

Before delving into being an artist, he also experimented with dancing during elementary school. Wanting more ways to express himself, as well as finding new avenues to creatively cover. With 5 years of experience under his belt, he was able to tour and do countless performances with his team. Thus instilling the love for performing, and the skill of crowd interaction on stage at a young age. Once he figuratively and literally outgrew dancing, he became more in tune with music than ever before. He was noticing each beat, each hit, and above all the potential of emotion in every song he heard.

This new understanding led him back to his craft where he quickly learned Logic Pro X. He started perfecting the production of his tracks and working with his first audio engineer Dan Heetman. With this, he started to fully pursue music as his career.

0-Brien has continuously evolved his sound, leading to more eyes on his career as well as more music to be released. Working with audio engineer Kara Greskovic and manager Madi Cooper, he has found his lane in the business side of the industry. With a now cohesive direction, 0-Brien is set to begin the release of the planned 4 part quadrilogy of albums. Each project taking a look into the psyche and the character of 0-Brien. The first entry RED is the brute and energy-directed album now set to release in early 2020. With shows being planned, releases being scheduled, and the determination to expand his horizons, you can be sure to see 0-Brien step into the modern world of hip-hop.  


"What She Say" and "Two Face" are new single releases off of the upcoming RED album coming out early February.