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The Monochrome Set

Indie band in London, UK


Featuring original Monochrome Set members Bid (Guitar/Vocals) and Andy Warren (bass) with John Paul Moran (keyboards) and Mike Urban, who was previously in the band in the early 90s, on drums, The Monochrome Set formed in 1978, and were heavily influential in the ‘post-punk’ scene that evolved after the initial scorched earth of punk.
The band’s early releases were on the legendary Rough Trade Label before signing with Virgin offshoot Din Disc. They also released several albums on the Cherry Red label, making a notable appearance on that labels’ well known ‘Pillows and Prayers’ compilation.Though The Monochrome Set split in 1985 the next decade saw several reunions for both live gigs and further studio recordings, their album release count now being well into double figures.
After a hiatus of over a decade the band reformed full time in 2010 and have since toured all over the UK, Europe, Japan and the USA, whilst also releasing six new, critically acclaimed, studio albums. Now in their 42nd year, they are beginning a new series of gigs promoting their latest album and playing songs old and new.


Studio albums Strange Boutique (1980, Dindisc) Love Zombies (1980, Dindisc) Eligible Bachelors (1982, Cherry Red) The Lost Weekend (1985, Blanco Y Negro) Dante's Casino (1990, Vinyl Japan) Jack (1991, Honeymoon) Charade (1993, Cherry Red) Misère (1994, Cherry Red) Trinity Road (1995, Cherry Red) Platinum Coils (2012, Disquo Bleu) Super Plastic City (2013, Disquo Bleu) Spaces Everywhere (2015, Tapete Records) Cosmonaut (2016, Tapete Records) Maisieworld (2018, Tapete Records) Fabula Mendax (2019, Tapete Records) Extended plays I Love Lambeth (1995, Cherry Red) Compilation albums Volume, Contrast, Brilliance... (Sessions & Singles Vol. 1) (1983, Cherry Red) Westminster Affair (Bande Originale Du Film) (1988, Él) Colour Transmission (1988, Virgin) What a Whopper! (1992, Richmond Records) Tomorrow Will Be Too Long – The Best of The Monochrome Set (1995, Caroline Records) Black & White Minstrels 1975–1979 (1995, Cherry Red) Compendium 75–95 (1996, Cherry Red) Chaps (1997, Recall 2 cd) The Best of The Monochrome Set (2000, Cherry Red) The Independent Singles Collection (2008, Cherry Red) Early Recordings: 1975–1977 "White Noise" (2010, Captured Tracks) Volume, Contrast, Brilliance (Unreleased & Rare, Vol. 2) (2016, Tapete) The Monochrome Set - 1979-1985: Complete Recordings (Boxset) (2018, Tapete)


Live albums Live (1993, Code 90) M-80 (2013, Wienerworld) Video albums The Monochrome Set (2002, Classic Rock Productions) Destiny Always Calls Twice (2006, Cherry Red Films) M-80 (2013, Winerworld) Singles "He's Frank"/"Alphaville" (1979, Rough Trade) "He's Frank (Slight Return)"/"Silicon Carne"/"Fallout" (1979, Rough Trade, Disquo Bleu) "The Monochrome Set"/"Mr. Bizarro" (1979, Rough Trade) "Eine Symphonie des Grauens"/"Lester Leaps In" (1979, Rough Trade) "405 Lines"/"Goodbye Joe" (1980, Dindisc) "The Strange Boutique"/"Surfing S.W.12" (1980, Dindisc) "Apocalypso"/"Fiasco Bongo" (1980, Dindisc) "Ten Don'ts for Honeymooners"/"Straits of Malacca (1981, PRE Records) "The Mating Game"/"J.D.H.A.N.E.Y" (1982, Cherry Red) "Cast a Long Shadow"/"The Bridge" (1982, Cherry Red) "The Jet Set Junta"/"Love Goes Down the Drain"/"Noise (Eine Kleine Symphonie)" (1983, Cherry Red) "Jacob's Ladder"/"Andiamo" (1984, Blanco Y Negro) "Wallflower"/"Big Ben Bongo" (1985, Blanco Y Negro) "Killing Dave"/"House of God (live)" (1991, Honeymoon) "Forever Young"/"Hurting You"/"Little Noises" (1993, Cherry Red) "Iceman" (2015, Tapete – download only)




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