Hip hop / rap band in Greenville, SC, USA


BeDee is a Hip Hop artist coming out of Greenville, South Carolina. Commonly collaborating with fellow Greenville Artists PDL Peso & Poli$y who have made their own respective waves in the local hip hop scene. BeDee’s Sound is not only unique, but a real taste of life with complexities in flow, and musical authority; as well as nice material in his lyrics (not always easy to digest). BeDee is all around a nice listen if you are trying to escape reality for a few minutes to an hour or even embrace it. Take a moment of your time to try and understand the meaning of his lyrics. You will find that there is often more then what you heard on the first listen with this artist. With his latest single “band.” Surpassing 100k views on Soundcloud his momentum is definitely moving. You can Stream BeDee’s newest single “band.” On Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and all Major Streaming Platforms! 


BeDee- band.




Posted on Feb 02 2020 at 01:25am