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titanium cranium 36

Rock/hard rock and metal musician in Poplar Bluff, MO 63901, USA


Im Tony 35 years old from the bootheel of missouri. Been playing guitar all genres of music for twenty years. I am currently three years into my battle with oligodendroglioma brain cancer with no growth since my two brain surgeries so it seems im beating it or very very lucky. I am looking to write and play music with a group of serious music lovers. Ive got a lot to share with the band and im basically a lyric factory though i dont like to sing I was an english major in honor leadership in destined for greatness, so audition me for your band and ill make you famous and get us on the charts. Look forward to playing music with anybody really. drop me a line or however this works and im more than happy to oblige you. Im open to relocation if needed. Thanks 


i dont share my songs until i copyright them or your playing music with me