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Spanish guitar / blues musician in London, UK


Started to play music in Rome at guitar college , 

and someprivate schools ,  he playied with different bands mostly rock hard rock 

than he formed his own psychedelic blues band and started to travel at the start of 2000

for a few years i Europe playing in every city and coutries with different bands and musicians , learning different genres and working as session player, he developed his own guitar style especially after being touched by the music and 

life experiences in Andalusia , were he learned guitar secrets and he s playing 

since a few years ago he s visceral instrumental fusion where different styles of music 

are expressed in a free natural and deep way , mixing upbeat vibes and giving a heartouch 

to the listener. He s lately collaboratig with many artists  from different backgrounds, especially a newtalent rap singer

a theatrical performance with dance and some blues alternative bands etc..

and he s recordig his new solo EP



Posted on Feb 19 2020 at 07:38pm