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The Wang Dang Doodle

Blues rock band in London, UK


The Wang Dang Doodle are a 4 piece Blues/Rock based in London, UK   Laurent Mouflier who has been playing blues harp for 25 years, was mostly involved in doing session work at the time. He was playing as a sideman blues harp player, with the likes of Mick Taylor, Ronnie Wood, the Pretty Things, Ian Siegal, Stephen Dale Petit when he decided to take the step up and front his own band.   His love for Rock/ Blues style and the willingness to compose his own music, made The Wang Dang Doodle see the light in early part of 2014.   He was soon to be joined by Ben Heartland on the electric bass. Ben has been involved as a bassist in various styles of music, including Bengali folk and Indian classical and also with the well known UK Rock/Blues band, Nine below Zero.   Francesco Cuturi on the drums has played with well known Jazz Italian musicians & other styles of music in his native Napoli, Italy. Upon his arrival in the UK he fitted in straight away, being a fan of the Stones, and is now a driving force behind the band.   Kosmas Mylon came in for a bass session and made it to the guitar player part. Most of the Wang Dang Doodle compositions start with his unlimited knowledge of riffs and is a crowd favourite with his electric performance.   The band is influenced from all sorts of music, from every genre, punk, rock, jazz, soul, funk. Being a Rock/Blues band the music is influenced by artists such as the Rolling Stones, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, The Band, Canned Heat, Lew Lewis, Dr feelgood...   Catching the Wang Dang Doodle in a live situation, is a sight to behold. The performances are electric and they're playing as if it's their last gig.   Energy, Attitude, Screaming Guitar, Howling Harps Solos, Mean Vocals.   A band not to be missed!