Emo/ pop punk musician in Selden, NY, USA


Hey! What’s up guys? My name’s Kayli and I’m a singer trying to start

an emo/pop punk band. I’m looking for dedicated and talented

musicians to play drums, bass, and lead/rhythm guitar. I want to start 

as a cover band but once we get to know each other’s styles and how

we mesh as a band I want to try and write our own stuff. That being 

said, you don’t have to write songs but it’ll help if you do.


Just to give you an idea of the type of music I’m into and want to

 play/make, some of my influences are Fall Out Boy, blink-182, Sum 41,

 Panic! At the Disco, Simple Plan, All Time Low, My Chemical Romance, 

Taking Back Sunday, Bowling For Soup, Box Car Racer, Mayday Parade, 

+44, and stuff like that.


HMU if you’re interested