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Lyric Allen

All genre promoter in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA


G.A Powerhouse is your one-stop-shop for all your business needs.  We build relationships while impacting lives simultaneously.

The management segment of G.A Powerhouse breaks down into several divisions, entertainment being one of many.  Our entertainment division manages S.I.P.P and Talent.

S.I.P.P (Sophisticated Intimate Private Parties) is our innovative organization that hosts an array of private, exclusive, inclusive themed events and socials.  We facilitate a safe and mature element where our patrons can unwind, mingle, network, and enjoy themselves.  

We host our own events/parties, gaining our talent roster more exposure.  We also partner up with other networks, creating platforms for individuals who are seeking to gain more exposure, whether they be an artist, DJ, producer, poet, author, business owner, etc.

We continue to keep building and creating out of the box experiences through relationships we build.


3rd Annual Great Taste of Lake Worth Car, Truck, & Bike Show: March 6th

ILL Weekend: March 6 - 8, 2020

Drink & Rave: March 6th | All You Can Drink| 8 PM - 2 AM DUI Day Brunch: March 7th | 11 AM - 5 PM Pulse: March 7th | 8 PM - 2 AM Tropical Cooler Fest: March 8th | All White Edition | 4 PM - 10 PM Tropical Cooler Fest After Party: March 8th | 10 PM - 3 AM

"Nothing But the Truth" Old School Session ft. DJ Groove: TBA

"Mine" x Maki  Listening Party w/special guests Boss Lady Juu , Carpe, Miss Cleo, & King Kaleeb: TBA



G.A Powerhouse has worked with many talents over the years and continues to thrive. Our talent roster spotlights "Nothing But the Truth" DJ Groove, "The Mic Checka" DJ AJ, and "Trini Boy" Maki.  This trio brings high energy to every event they perform. Whether its birthday parties, concerts, festivals, or car shows, they keep the crowd on their toes. Find out more about the trio below.


DJ Groove is a no rookie to the DJ scene.   This Chicago native has been in the business for 40 years.  He started off young in a bar that his parents owned.  They needed a DJ to start off the early party of the night until the real DJ came to work.  Ever since then, he has been hooked.  Groove not only enjoys the music but he loves entertaining and crowd participation.  DJ Groove is in a lane of his own.  He doesn't just sit behind the booth, he entertains by the masses and keeps the crowd jumping.  Another unique element that separates Groove from other DJs is his impeccable music library that includes 100,000 pieces of vinyl with several genres.  Yes, he still spins vinyl and its rare these days.  Groove carries a full-blown local party through the night along with his line array system that can accommodate venues as large as convention centers and the fairgrounds.  Some of his influences include his uncle "Jackmaster" Farley (Funk), his brother DJ Al, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Super Larry  OJ Scott, The Super Jock, DJ Lady Blue, DJ Mike Dunn, DJ Smurf, John Digweed, DJ Debonair and Paul Oakenfold.

FB: Michael Goodwin


Trinidad native, Maki hit the music scene a year and a half ago with his hit single “Lit.”  He has his own unique style. Maki’s smooth sound will have you dancing and slow whining.  Maki has been hitting the stage at nonstop since last year and doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon.  His focus and hunger is driven by his family, his struggle, and his dreams.  Maki’s motto is “Quality over Quantity.”  It’s better to have a quality products that people can enjoy verse several products that are defective.  Some of his influences include Cyko and other fellow peers. Maki has some fresh new music featuring some wiiicked ill artists coming soon, so stay connected.

IG: itsmakiagain


“The Mic Checka,” DJ AJ isn’t just any old DJ, he is “The DJ” that will rock out private parties, nightclubs, festivals, conventions, and all.  AJ has been on the scene for 10 years.  He started his career early as the host of his high school pep rallies to working in the nightclubs, spilling over to the DJ.  His influences were the guys he watched spinning in the clubs.  What sets “The Mic Checka” apart from other DJs is that he is an entertainer.  He hosts, spins the records, and get down with the crowd.  He keeps the crowd happy and moving.  AJ is not part of any particular set, he does his own thing.  However, he works with other DJs when they need him as a host or DJ.

IG: djaj_ dirtydj



Posted on Mar 05 2020 at 07:23pm