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Punk rock band from Follonica, Toscana, IT

search gig 12 July,2015!!! Rock n' Roll May 12, 2015 12:40 am


search gig 12 July,2015!!! Rock n' Roll May 12, 2015 12:40 am

Sick Boys were born between the end of 2007 and first months of 2008 from an idea of Commisserio. Punk rock lover, in particular Social Distortion and their leader Mike Ness fan, Commisserio decided to create a tribute band of his heroes. At the beginning he recruited Rock ‘n’ roll Riccio, talented pianist who wanted to play guitar in a punk rock band, Gabry a drummer he met during University years and Gambero, whole life Commisserio’s friend, who accepted with enthusiasm to become the bass player of the band. After a few shows, Rock ‘n’ Roll Riccio quit the band because of his desire to play piano in another band. Commisserio didn’t give up, at the beginning he tried to turn the band into a trio, then attending a live show of another band, he got from an old friend Max Rocker’s contact. They met and Max Rocker, Social Distortion and Mike Ness fan, joined the band and became Commisserio’s right hand, completing rhythmic section and improving morale and passion of the entire band. Back to the stage, Sick Boys restarted to go around as a Social Distortion tribute band, but in 2012 they started to perform some original songs, all written by Commisserio. They recorded their first EP and in a few became an original band, playin’ a mix of punk and rock ‘n’ roll, influenced by country and rockabilly music too. In 2014 Gambero left the band after he recorded bass guitar tracks on their first record and was replaced by the young Dave Kalt. The band changed the name into Sick Boys Revue and prepared to release first full length record named Sick Tales.


May 11, 2015 11:25 pm
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