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Jerry Rose

Rap and hip hop band in Grand Junction, CO, USA


I'm a lyricist who goes by Jerry Rose. I've been freestyle rapping since I was 15 years old and released my first 2 singles in 2018. Making the transition to becoming a recording artist has been a long journey, but I've loved every minute of it. In 2017 I attended The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences where I learned how an Audio Engineer helps an artist get their song from point A to point B. I am now able to get my songs recorded and to the public as an independent artist. Now that I have released my EP, Practicing Patience, I am ready to share it with the world and scream it from the mountain tops, but a stage will do for now, haha. I have performed twice before in Denver, CO with an artist who I featured with. We opened up for Sammy Adams and Chris Travis, so I'm not new to performing. I am ready to be the opener that gets the crowd going.