Kid Baby

Hip hop musician in Laredo, TX, USA


Jesus Samuel Reyes, nicknamed "Kid Baby" is a 17 year old controversial rapper grew from Laredo, Texas, a small town in Texas. His album "Streets life and Hennessy: not you" streamed throught spotify, apple music, and soundcloud. Kid baby is a community activist, and motivational speaker, he enrolled to the music industry since he was 15 years old. The rapper also has collaboration with growing stars with Axel Gomez(Kid Gomez). Kid Baby also started his music career with 100,000 streams at his year of 2019 releasing his album relating to his life beyong his perspective, and personal street life. The rapper was also a lower class by his own neighborhood experiencing to seek criminal activities, and gang affiliation. Since 12, he started to be a song writter and collaborate with Gabriel Ortiz making him a producer and learn various skills of production into music industry. Kid baby currently enrolls to community activities, influencial activities, personal street life activities, and collaboration with celebrities such as Chance The Rapper. A 17 year old lower class rapper is rising to the fame as he reaches out thousand, or millions of fans to his problems to a postive solution and to change a better Hip-Hop game. The rising start has a personality of positivity, controversional, poetry, community activies, and knowledge through the industry. The rise of "Kid Baby" is on the roll.


"Street life and Hennessy: not you"