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Zobin Live

Rock band from Stockholm, SE



What happens when you take a metal rhythm guitarist and singer and school him in to a solo act who plays everything from instrumentals to sweet ballads? You find me. I put the emphasis on the melodies, whether it is on the vocals, lead guitar or the rhythm section.
I use both the electric guitar and my 12-string percussion guitar.

You will also see my own invention “The Slaptar” where the guitar is placed upright on its stand like a cello and played in a more percussive way.

Some songs have the simplicity of old rock ballads but with the complexity of metal in the guitar solo parts.
Each song is different which makes for a dynamic listening session.
I was born in Iran but raised in Sweden. So you will also find that the songs have some eastern influences baked in the western frame.

I have three main styles I play during shows. And depending on what the audience likes most, I will focus more on that part.

Songs with vocals: Simply songs, mostly my compositions, with vocals accompanied by my percussion guitar.

The Slaptar instrumentals: Instrumental pieces performed in my slaptar style which is the percussion guitar.

Electric guitar instrumentals: Cool rock and blues instrumentals played with my electric guitar. I started playing the electric guitar at the age of 13 so it is the instrument I am most pro-efficient at.

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