Ethan Marino

Alternative musician in Sarasota, FL, USA


Ethan Marino is an American music artist. He was born on December 20th, 2000 in West Palm Beach, FL. Ethan and his family relocated to Sarasota, FL, where he spent his adolescent and teenage years when he was four years old.    At the age of four, Ethan started playing the violin. Ever since then he has not stopped picking up new instruments. His favorite instruments to play include guitar, drums, violin, and piano. In addition to playing football and lacrosse in school, Ethan also participated in the orchestra and musicals.    Ethan’s first major project is Learning Serenity. This album is a collection of songs that represent different parts of Ethan’s life and experiences that have led him to learning serenity and happiness.


Learning Serenity Acts I, II, III