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Country band in Nashville, TN, USA


Her name is Abby Kasch.  Her profession is taking over with her voice and stage presence, but this is something she's been doing since she was a little girl.  Born and raised in Chicago, Abby started singing at a very early age and also playing several instruments like the flute, saxophone and of course, the guitar.  By the time she was 13, she was already consistently booking gigs and gaining that experience.  At 19, she decided to leave home and go live in Nashville and fully dedicate her life to music.  She was able to be part of The Voice where she was coached by Kelly Clarkson and in 2019, released an EP titled "Red Lip" where she wrote 3 of the 4 songs on the album.  This is only the beginning for Abby.  With her musical style, a fusion of country and pop music, she invites you to join her on this journey she started a decade ago as she establishes herself as one of those musicians you must go see...


Abby Kasch - Red Lip 


EP Released December 20, 2019

Song List:


 - Red Lip

 - Drink Like A Man

 - Maybe I Tried Too Hard

 - Sorry

(EP can be heard on all music platforms)...