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Felonious Records LLC

Rap label in Dayton, OH, USA


They have been doing this for years I was the only one that didn't do music. Years later they're still doing music and have become the best in Ohio. you will see urself confident crazy ass white boys from east Dayton. Felonious Records LLC presents. HWA Honkies Wit Attitudes.... (has nothing to do with racism. All to do with being proud off who you are) 


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Honkies Wit Attitudes is truly a group of divers talented artists. They all have experienced and lived the street life and threw hard work and grinding there going to be remembered forever not only for there crazy attitudes and rap sheet but truly some of the best big-hearted guys I ever met. An not only did i get to grow up with these guys but they helped me get to were im at today...They can tell you the reast...