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Rock band from Venezia, IT



‘KNIGHTS OF CYDONIA’, Muse Tribute band is a music project started in early 2007 . Founded in 2006 by Andrea (voice & guitars), Riccardo (bass guitar & 2nd voice ), Floriana (keyboard, synthetizers & piano), and Giovanni (drums and percussions) after an hard selection of its components from the musical local scene.
So a tribute band able to reproduce MUSE’s live shows’ energy were formed.
Violent riffs and incredible guitar solos, powered basses and drums and piano’s energy, these are the features of MUSE, a band that gives its best in live shows, and KOC’s aim is to give this all back to you. Let yourself go!

‘KOC’ use same Muse’s gear and fx, actually they are the unique Tribute to Muse having the most gear like the original band for a totally emulation of brit trio’s sound.
Neumann and Shure microphone, same Manson guitars used by Muse’s frontman (Manson
DeLorean, 007, Bomber & M1D1), Ibanez Destroyer, Custom Made Bass, Liquid Foot Pro Controller,
Rocktron All Access, Line6 Pod Pro XT Pro, Bass Pod XT Pro, Echo Pro, Mod Pro and Filter Pro, Midi
Solutions, Synth and Stompboxes, Megaphone, In-ear Monitors, Korg Tuner, Mic stands and so
much more!


September 29, 2015 11:08 pm
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