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Southpaw Renegade

Rap & hip hop musician in Denver, CO, USA


A country kid at heart found his way to the city. Southpaw Renegade whose real name is Trevor Knoedler. Was born in Hastings Nebraska. After his parents divorced when he was four. He grew up in many places around Nebraska early on then settling in Omaha tell he was thirteen. Then he moved to his father's in Denver Colorado where he is still living and making music. Southpaw Renegade is an eighties baby born and raised by hip hop/gangster rap. He first started rapping at the age of twelve. Inspired by Lil Flips' free-styling videos. That was the main push to get into hip hop. Southpaw Renegades lyrical content consists of uplifting positive vibes, hard rhymes, & attention-grabbing sound. Along with representing for the cannabis community. His main genre is rap but is also influenced by EDM, Trap, House, and Reggae.