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Fusion musician in Egypt


Basically, to keep it short 🙂

I started learning 2014, and started performing 2015 which was ofcourse too soon, but that only led to one great positive aspect which is that I have acquired so much experience since then and knowledge that is just spectacular.

I have worked with so many amazing musicians that are World recognized and also others who are Underground musicians, World famous composers, and famous pop stars.

I have toured in Cyprus and the USA, and worked with more that 50 international artists.

Participated in so many shows, gigs, concerts and festivals. As well as on TV and Film, and in Commercials.

Studied with almost most of the top notch and famous percussionists and musicians in Egypt, and from abroad too.

Done many workshops and taught professionally since 2018.

and the list goes on.. check my instagram, Youtube, and Facebook for more videos.