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Adele & Harmony band

Classic rock, disco, funk, latin booker in Miami, FL, USA


Adele & Harmony was established in 2010 by current members Joe & Adele Rubio. Individually and collectively Adele & Harmony musicians have been in the music business for over 40 years (As recording Artists or Studio musicians). Our mix of Dance music; Classic Rock, Disco, Funk & Latin music delights all audiences. Our professionalism, musicianship, experience, and strong lead vocals are our strengths.


2018 - released a CD "Recuerdos" with Old Latin Boleros, currently on Reverb nation. 


Adele & Harmony Band consists of 4 musicians (Keyboards, Lead Guitar, Drums & Bass) with our great Female Singer (Adele). Genres; Classic Rock, Disco, Funk & Latin. 


Posted on Aug 12 2020 at 05:46pm