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Trance dj in Union, MO, USA


22 year veteran Dj/producer. I have played all over the U.S.A in almost every major city. I love the EDM Community like family. I started in raves and made it main stream for a long while. Then took a step back for a couple years to have kids with the love of my life and enjoy them. Now I'm back and ready to keep killing the dance floors, yet again. Can't wait to see you all out there around the world. 

Much love DjStevieC....


"DjStevieC" on all streaming platforms....

1-This Trance Mission

2-Drop The T

3- The Funky Flow

4-The House Grooves

5-Dancing Through The House

6-The Break Down

7-Hyper Motion

8-The Vibe

9-Digital Stomping

10-Get Down in This House