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Jak Lewis

Indie pop musician in Exeter, UK


5 ★ Musician, Jak Lewis, has experience performing at multiple events and is guaranteed to amaze your guests!


I have access to my own transport and proffesional PA system, I can travel to any venue or booking and I only ask that the fee cover travel and accomadation.

I have a lot of experience performing live, I have opened up for the likes of Lee Nelson, as seen on BBC Three, and I have featured on BBC Spotlight South West, not to mention being recalled for a second audition for The Voice in Manchester.


Here is a little more about me,

"As seen on BBC Spotlight Jak Lewis, is an up and coming Devon based artist, he has been performing live and recording since 2016 where he started playing at his local pub, he had already had ambitions to become a singer-songwriter and would practice alone, but 2016, after an accident became the year he had the opportunity. He lists his two major accomplishments as Opening up for Lee Nelson and performing in aid of raising awareness of mental health, to which he performed his song ‘Never Truly Alone’ which was released as part of raising money for Mental Health Charities. He did recently perform at Dartmoor Zoo as well as being selected to the second round of The Voice with his original song ‘Promise’.  Not to mention being asked to return to London to preform at the 02 academy 2. Over the short time of his career so far he has performed an impressive amount of venues in and around London, Devon, Cornwall and in Bristol, as he also took the stage in Bristol which once held the likes of Ed Sheeran and George Ezra. 2019 was his greatest year as he performed a whole list of venues, festivals, weddings and even on The Radio. 

His musical influences exist around the likes of The Animals, The Neighbourhood. John Mayer and Ed Sheehan him self. He describes the sound and the style from these musicians and bands to complement each other not just lyrically but musically, the way they are written tells an emotional story and something he hopes to one day portray within his music. He defines their music to the type of music that stays with you for life, the type of music that keeps you inspired.

His genre isn't defined by just one, his music takes you on a musical roller-coaster from the likes of Indie, country, acoustic, pop and alternative. There really isn't one genre his music fits, he describes his sound to depend on how the lyrics sound. He writes the song before the melody and then the style comes from how to song slowly forms. He doesn’t just limit him self to one genre and likes to take risks on new songs and covers. He explains how he likes to put a twist on covers, and how there are no rules to how it must sound. He just loves music. There really isn’t one way to describe his sound, however this makes it all the more exciting as you aren't expecting the wonder he preforms.

Right now Jak is writing and recording his third EP after the successful independent release of ‘Believe in me again’ and ‘Live Sessions’, he has released single song releases on the side, such as ‘Country Moma’, which came accompanied with an official music video as well as acoustic versions of popular originals ’Someone Like Her’ and many more. 

With the starting success of his music career friends and family have mentioned a confidence growth in Jak which has empowered him to continue his work within the LGBT+ community, as a Trans-Man he goes to events and helps raise awareness for the community as well as sharing his story with others in the hope he can inspire them to cary on and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. He focusing his time on his music career and helping his community in the face of oppression. 

Lewis overall, isn’t the typical artist, but he definitely is an artist to watch, he brings a refreshing change to the music scene with a new sound and a new style and approach to music.

His motto has always been to “Change the world one song at a time, inspiring those to inspire others.”


If you are interested in booking me for your next event, festival or show please feel free to contact me and I will endevour to reply as soon as possible, I am polite and proffesional and will ensure you and your booking will be my number one priority.

Here is my email if you wish to contact me through email


My First EP Beleive in me Again

Believe in me again (Spotify link)


My Second EP Live Sessions On The Road

Live Sessions Spotify Link


My original song  Country Moma

Country Moma YouTube link


My Third EP on the way to being released