Wes Brown Music

Country booker in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, USA


Wes got his first guitar when i was nine years old for my birthday, i ended up getting my first and omly guitar lesson i went to. It was real boring and to much like school so i quit and put the ole six string in the closet. It wasnt long after that i saw Garth Brooks "The Dance" and he was sitting on a stool playing his guitar and i said i can do that, so i got my guitar out the closet and started teaching myself how to play. I came to learn i got a god given talent and i give him all the glory for everything thats happening lately. Ive been given 100 percent to this dream of mine that i have been chasing my whole life, and even if i dont hit the BIG stage persay well it wont be from a lack of not trying. Wes Brown now have two number one hit singles on Cashbox "Lord Help Me" and "Shelter When Its Raining" and now currently climbing the charts is "Riding Like A Cowboy" 

Website - Wesbrownmusic.com 

Google - @twistonit


Lord Help Me- #1 On Cash Box

Shelter When Its Raining- #1 On Cash Box

Riding Like A Cowboy- Currently Climbing The Charts On Cashbox