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Sko Bangerz

Musician in Rockford, IL, USA


Born in Rockford, Illinois, 36 year old Deandre Poe p/k/a"Sko Bangerz", I'm a professional music producer and recording engineer. I'm founder of "Sko Bangerz Productionz" which was established 2005 and I've recently started another production company called " Beats Depo". I have over 20 years of experience in production and more than 10 years of experience with mixing. I make it my best to satisfy all my customers by giving them industry quality sounding production so if you're an upcoming indie artist or local artist and you're looking for quality in music production and vocal recording feel free to contact at the information listed in the description. THANKS FOR THOSE WHO TOOK TIME OUT TO READ MY BIO AND I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO NETWORKING AND BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER TALENTED ARTISTS AND PRODUCERS