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Meg Mei

Pop musician in Bowral NSW 2576, Australia


I'm a 15 yer old singer/songwriter/musician. Music is something that just clicks with me. Singing in front of enthusiastic and engaged audiences and crowds is probably the best feeling. The excitement, the nerves, the joy and the smiles. I feel that music performances bring the best out of people. 

When I'm not performing, most days, I'll sit down at my piano and just write songs. There's never a day when I'm stuck on something to write. I'm a very emotional person so I always have feelings that I can write about and show my emotions through music. I have noticed that the more I write, the better I get, so straight after school, I always cannot wait to start writing a new song as soon as an idea pops into my head.

 I have sung at various gigs across my local area and have also attended many auditions. I love busking regularly and love to take many opportunities that involves singing in front of large crowds and also the community.

I have released a few songs on Spotify and plan on releasing albums of my originals.

I'd really like someone to take me on so that I could take what I love to the next step.