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Dustin Hanusch

Instrumental musician in Franklin, TN, USA



My name is Dustin Hanusch (ha-NISH). I am a musician, teacher, and producer, living in Franklin Tennessee. I was born in Renton Washington and raised in San Diego California. I have been studying music in one form or another since I was ten years old and have been playing the guitar since I was 15 years old (31 years old as of 2021).

I received my first formal guitar instruction at the age of 25 when I studied Classical Guitar performance at Los Angeles Valley College under the tutelage of Dr. Jordan Charnofsky and Dr. Gregory Newton. I currently reside in Franklin Tennessee, teaching music, performing throughout the greater Nashville area, and recording and producing music and YouTube videos.

My debut EP, “Culmination,” was released March of 2019, my debut album, “Positively Lovely,” was released May of 2020, and my self-titled EP, “Dustin Hanusch,” was released November of 2020. It is my mission to enrich people’s lives through music via my entertainment and education business, 4Ground Music.


Click here for a chronologiocal list of all of my releases (links to releases included in list).


Posted on Jan 18 2021 at 06:08pm