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Natalie Brown Violinist Fiddler

Celtic musician in Monticello, IA, USA


Classically trained violinist from the age of 4. Taught high school orchestra for 14 years.

Performed professionally in classical, Celtic/Scottish/Irish, rock bands, jazz, folk, bluegrass, country, blues, improvization and much more.

Happy to play weddings, receptions, parties, gatherings, pubs, for corporate events, private or public, nursing homes, indoor or outdoor. 

Will travel in Midwest, located in Eastern Iowa.



Wilting Flowers, Ben Driscoll, 2020

Jury of my Peers - Dave Paris ~ February 2015

Kites ~ Jaimie Wren - June 2013

Jellyman's Daughter ~ May 2013

Saturday Afternoon Girl ~The Mayflies~ 2012

Violin Crossings ~Natalie Brown ~2010

Contemplations ~Demo~ Natalie Brown 2010

Craig Erickson's "The Porch of Planet Pluto" 2009

Nikki Lunden's "Depends on the Weather" 2008

Jefferson Bergey's album, winter 2003

Bad Fathers album 2003

"Roundtrip Weekend", The Trollies, May 2002

"Fountain Pennies", The Trollies, May 2001

"AV-1", Label YMP, July 2000

"Phase Three, Stage One", Label YMP, February 12, 2000

"Oh For the Love of Christmas", Label YMP, November 24, 1999

"Oh For the Love of Summer", Label YMP, July 17, 1999

Ten Past the Dragon, 3 song EP, 1999 (Produced by Bob, San Francisco)