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Take the Motor City sound, blend it with deep fried southern rock, add a little 80’s L.A. flavor, then pair it with a pint of good bourbon and you get the original PISTON READY sound. No remorse, straightforward, rock n’ roll in your face! Strong vocals and octane fueled guitars are what hit you first, the power grabs you, then controlled chaos grips you, leaving ever- so-satisfying destruction in its wake. The band was formed in September of 2010, after singer Lauren Banshee and lead guitarist Seawolf Dee met on a sunny summer afternoon while drinking sweet tea vodka. Fueled by a mutual interest in American and Scandinavian high energy rock n’roll bands, the two started writing original material, like they used to do in the good ol’ days; with a guitar and a couple of beers. In a few months, they found the rest of the band's members among friends (Ocean Ford – bass guitar, Mike O’clock – rhythm guitar and Danny Vondirtbag – drums) and just 4 months later, they played their first show. It became clear that they had something worthwhile after playing just a handful of shows, so they decided it was about time to cut some tracks. Their 4 song EP, “Westbound and Up” came out in the spring of 2011 and was well received by both the audience and the press. As Blackhole Magazine stated that summer, “PISTON READY is the band that's gonna bring rock n’ roll back to Seattle!”. They continued on this mission, to bigger stages and better shows, all over the Northwest, from Puget Sound to Portland, receiving more great reviews everywhere they went. In the summer of 2013, the band was set to enter the studio and record their first full length album when two of its members decided to leave the ranks. As the rest of the band decided they would not abort the mission, they just did what they had done before, looking among friends until they found the right people to once again complete PISTON READY. That's when Dana Sims (drums) and Mischa Kianne (guitar) joined the band. They locked themselves away in the practice space to perfect their formula, and came out stronger than ever, with an even more solid sound. They've slammed down a handful of new tunes in the past few months, and now feel that it’s time to hit the studio and fulfill the need for some good, high energy, raw and dirty rock n’ roll in Seattle. PISTON READY is back to give you something to swallow, with riffs to kick your ass and melodies to steal your heart in their booze injected, reckless and riotous celebration of debauchery and rock n' roll, with a truly wild, live rock show.


Posted on Aug 27 2014 at 05:22am