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Brody Schenk

Singer songwriter musician in Rochester, NY, USA


When the Who recorded “The Kids Are Alright” in 1965, they made a timeless statement, one still ringing true today, as displayed in full force by Rochester’s homegrown 16-year-old Brody Schenk. Whether he’s ripping it on electric guitar at Abilene, Iron Smoke Distillery, Johnny’s, Mucrony’s or elsewhere — wowing the adult patrons — or cued up on a streaming platform for his precociously written and performed acoustic songs, the kid, er, young man, is alright indeed. And word is spreading, especially this past December, with Brody interviewed by (a clearly impressed) Brother Wease on the Brother Wease Show (95.1 FM WAIO) and by Wil McKenna on the ROC Show (104.3 FM WAYO), with both men delightedly comparing Brody’s original acoustic song, Charlie Brown, to having John Prine- and Bob Dylan-esque musical stylings. (The song was produced by Rochester’s own Elvio Fernandes, the keyboardist for Daughtry.) Brody was also spotlighted on in “Three indie folk tracks to put a smile on your face”, with reviewer Greg Jones stating, “[Charlie Brown] tells a wonderfully accessible and sweet story. As you listen, you’ll be impressed … This guy just gets it.” In his interview for the Recording Artists Guild (, RAG declared, “[Charlie Brown is] such a vibrant release, we had to sit down with Brody Schenk to talk about the song and what’s next for him.”


What’s next for Brody? Well, more new original songs coming to all the major streaming platforms, for sure. And once things return to whatever the new normal will be, Brody is champing at the bit to get back on stage to bring his genuine, spirited, and dedicated musical craftsmanship to audiences in Rochester and beyond. While Brody’s latest press has been about his acoustic breakthrough, he also tastefully shreds it on electric guitar and sings in two Rochester bands, the Old Souls Band and JUDAH. Both jam outlets deliver thoughtful originals and rock-solid covers of the Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers Band, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Neil Young, Phish, Wilco, John Mayer, Chicago- and Delta-blues classics, and more. (To wit: Shakedown Street—>Another Brick in the Wall Part 2—>Shakedown Street — cosmic confluence defined.) It’s rare to find a musician/songwriter with so many musical wheelhouses, yet Brody is a unique, multifaceted musical artist, one constantly working on his crafts while truly bringing joy to his audiences.


Brody mainly plays a PRS SE Electric, Nash Tele T52 and a Gibson Keb Mo Acoustic. For booking or more information, contact