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Rogue Temple

Hip hop / rap musician in Fort Myers, FL, USA


 I am a new artist with a traditional approach to hip hop and I try to push the envelope for innovation.  I am bold, forceful, and my music can be dark and hideous, or, in contrast, soft and hopefully beautiful for the listener.  I've been a musician since childhood and I think it's time for me to step forward with what I got. I have hundreds of songs/beats and I'm ready to break out with my best.

Spotify tells me that 80% of my audience are males between the ages of 28-44.   Before the CD, my top 2 singles are "Nice" and "Rowdy", and I crafted my new CD to be more like those two songs.  Some improvements on the CD:  I'm now using quicker tempos and more appropriate lengths of songs.  Also, above all, I now "rap" with confidence, and I'm using my natural voice.

 I have a big sound with big drums with serious bass lines, and I like a light motif piano and innovative (I think, hope) use of strings.

I am an Army Band veteran, Staff Sergeant, advanced out of the military school of music, and I show up and get it done with leadership.  I've done hundreds of concerts since childhood, and I've performed solos out front with band accompaniment, I fear no crowd, I love it. And I do public speaking, motivational speaking, etc. I also conduct and can rehearse and prepare a professional concert band for performance.

For shows I plan on focusing on my main hip hop beats, not so much the alts.  I do listen to criticism and suggestions, and I will never turn away guidance.


War Lords - CD released April 13, 2021 - 10 songs

Alpha Female - dark, shady hip hop

I'm a Hoodlum, Baby - smooth Hip hop with a latin touch

Street Story - fast paced breakout jam

Street 13 - mysterious hip hop

Laptop - avant garde phase to pure happiness

Hooded, With a Glock - no explanation needed. Wagnerian strings.

Sun King - darkness, again, to exquisite love song

With Your Four Leaf Clover - come on and let's get down.

Beat X37 - fast paced, bad news, bitter, but necessary

Darkness to LIght - as stated.  The dark Wagnerian strings again that transitions to love and peace.

Singles before the CD:

Nice - single, hip hop, pissed off, different, an element of grunge in the rally

Rowdy - single, hip hop, reflective, smooth

Rats - single, happy guitar jazz fusion

It - single, gothic hip hop, hard to categorize, a horror story

Cook - single, alternative rock? hard to categorize

Off - single, alternative jazz fusion sorta, hard to categorize

Tea - angry, snotty rap with naughty language.

Skye - a happy hip hop song, but serious basses, "wicked" (Skye is a girl from Massachusetts)