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Dolores Motel Etc

Indie band from Vimodrone, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy



Dolores Motel Etc. is composed by Alessandro Bazzana (vocals, guitars and keys), Alessandro Tamburini (bk vocals, drums and keys) and Luigi Tarantino (bk vocals, guitars and keys). During the last 15 years they have been playing, separately or together in various bands of the suburbs of Milan (Lord Byron, Dulcamara, Rock Express, Foxglove…) doing the most different genre. They group as a quartet, with Giuseppe Lamanna on the bass, with the name aLe, signing a record deal with CNI Compagnia Nuove Indy that published, in 2007, their first record in italian language called “dieci canzoni quasi finite” (ten songs almost done). For the next 2 years they support the record with concerts in an electric and an unplugged versions. In 2010 with the name aLe & Lanoisaus they record in their home studio a demo titled “della more e di alter event desueti” (of death and other outmoded events) that they decided to not play live, preferring to take some time apart refreshing, writing and listening to new sounds and music without any predefined goal in mind. In 2014, the result of this sabbatic period is the new demo “M O N O I S T H E N E W S T E R E O”, recorded and printed on their own and mixed by Davide Linzi, a collection of songs influenced by the past and the sounds of today, a multi-layer soundscape that flows into pop songs. Essentially all that has passed through our ears in the last 15 years, all that has crossed our lives, all that we could filter and contaminate is D O L O R E S M O T E L E T C., us…

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