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Pop/rock band in Paris, France


If you wanna go on Pop / Rock trip, sail away in an Electro boat to travel the world, you should meet Reaven. 4 strong identities, 4 guys who met along the way, leading to a Pop / Rock universe colored with a provocative electro touch.


The story begins when Roméo Bassi (Lead Singer & Guitarist) asked Vincent Fernandes (Drummer & Back Vocalist) to form a band with him when they were teenagers in the middle school of their native city Troyes (France). After hundreds of concerts given in their region, they went to Paris and met Rudy Bournazel (Bassist & Back Vocalist) and their Keyboardist & Back Vocalist, André Rocha. 

Their album “Unbreakable” (2018) was a revelation and took them on the roads of European tours (12 countries). Their 3 last singles “Escape”, “Hope” & “Electric Love”, meanwhile, have slipped into the playlists of hundreds of radio stations across 45 countries. During their tours, they had the chance to rock some big music festival stages with international names like Iron Maiden at the Hills Of Rock (BG), Steve Hewitt (from Placebo) in France, or NENA at the Schlossgrabenfest (DE)...


Their EP “(Be) For Tomorrow” (released: July 3rd, 2021) is a foretaste of their highly anticipated album “For Tomorrow” and announces the resumption of concerts and tours, in Europe, but also their 1st US & Central / Latin America tours (postponed because of the Covid)...




EP (Be)For Tomorrow (3rd of July)


Singles Escape & Hope


Single Electric Love


Album Unbreakable


EP Reaven


Posted on Jul 28 2021 at 03:47pm