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Misunderstood Demon

Rap & hip hop musician in Pennsylvania, USA


Ever since I started listening to hip hop music when I was young, I really wanted to do that too. Hip Hop just sounded so great to me. Soon enough, I'm making my own beats, writing lyrics and making songs. I have been making music for 6 years now and I am only gwtting better.


Albums and EPs

Let It Be Known I'm Here (L.I.B.K.I.H.), The Blue Series, The Green Series, The Red Series, The Yellow Series, The Purple Series, Two Visions,


Prodigy, Either Way, King Me, On A Wave, Take The Chains Off, No Games, Let The Beat Rock, Diamond Choker, Waiting, Reflections, Who I do This For, Black, Genres/Music, Evolution, SPACECOUPE, Colorful Mess,