Band in Paris, France


Newblast is a flamboyant Electro-Rock duo: epic choirs, grandiloquent pop melodies and electro grooves. The band makes its debut in Rouen in 2010. The four original members of the band then share a passion for Seventies rock. A first album of 11 tracks is released in 2011 as well as a music-hall music video entitled "Lina". References to the "Cabaret" movie and Queen has not gone unnoticed in the Rouen musical scene rather close to metal or reggae. In 2015, the lead singer David Manara meets Winston in Paris. Newblast becomes a duo mixing the inventiveness of 70's Rock with electronic sounds. In January 2017, they play a sold out show at the Supersonic in Paris. On stage, the duo wants to break the codes of minimalist and cold French Pop by presenting a theatrical show starting with the “Clockwork Orange” synthetizers before the guitars and choirs explosion characteristic of Newblast. The temperature rises dangerously with titles with sulphurous beats and hot lyrics like "Gloria", an electronic gospel with slightly encrypted words. Their performances at the Supersonic in January and September 2017 aroused the enthusiasm of the parisian audience. In May 2017, Newblast enters the studio with musician & producer Jeremy Hills (Genius Corp.) to record 5 tracks on the "Porn Generation" EP released on September 18, 2017 on CD as well as on Deezer and Spotify.