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White Pagoda

Punk rock band in Ambra, Tuscany, IT


Before White Pagoda there were Joey Quebradas (a very angry rock’n’roll band), when it finished, The Gil, Luz and 3, slowly transformed it into White Pagoda, finally complete with the arrival of The Cri ( a.k.a. Johnny The Folk) who took part to the band in the early months of 2007. “Sofa” the first album, goes out on 2008 : D.I.Y. , recorded at Dith Studio, 11 songs for the total of around 19 minutes (maybe even less..). Since that moment, the four musicians started playing gigs through Tuscany and more and more beyond the borders of the region. In 2009 begins the collaboration with the Ufo Hi Fi label producer Danilo Silvestri (worked on every album by Giuda) in Rome, to record their second Album “ Chair Evolution ( not design), out in the early 2010. 15 tracks between punk and power-pop styles, with the lovely help of Tornado Ride Records for the distribution and sell. In 2012 White Pagoda crew get new pre-production sessions started, under the supervision of Paolo Dondoli (Ray Daytona ex guitarist), for the successive recording at Damiano Magliozzi’s Gorilla Punch Studio in Siena, on February 2013. In 2014 The band released a 7” album for Spectre Records, distributed by Area Pirata and Rocket Man Records. Punk Rock? Yes, but not only that! There’s much other and, for sure, many other influences on their sound..and if “punk rock” would be only an excuse to give a different “dress” to pop songs?


Posted on Jun 18 2014 at 02:58pm