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Band in Pancevo, Serbia, CS


Ljubicice are electro-blues duo from Pancevo. The Stevanovic brothers, who have been authors and producers for almost a decade, represent an essential part of the regional, alternative music scene. They have been performing the most unusual concert experiments, while working closely together with a dozen superb musicians, from electro-scenic spectacles, to intimate acoustic gigs.

The scenic debut of their music has won them the first prize at “Tvoj zvuk/Your sound” music competition, and the following year they were named the most hoped-for young band, according to the music magazine Popboks. From that moment on, they published three albums, two EPs and four singles, along with having numerous features with musicians from all over the world and performed at almost all major festivals in the region.

They have been building an unusual mix of contemporary and retro sound in their new project. Modern beats, sounds of guitars from the 1960s and rich musical expressionism are used to express their thoughts about everyday topics. They like to implement elements of new wave, blues and Tintinabuli in their electronic groove.


2016 Godine u vetru (Ne brini dušo, Ežen je u redu) | Lampshade Media
2015 Eci?ibulj Brass album | Self published
2014 Ljub?ice&Co. | Lampshade Media
2012 Ljubi?ice/Eci?ibulj: Uživo iz Narodne bašte Live album | Self published

2017 rad na zemlji EP | Lampshade Media
2014 That Extraordinary Day EP | Lampshade Media

2017 Bombonice feat. Sajsi MC Single | Lampshade Media
2015 O majmunu i zmiji Single | Lampshade Media
2015 O majmunu i zmiji Single | Lampshade Media
2014 Sama Single | Lampshade Media
2013 Pariz Single | Lampshade Media
2012 Imam novi bend Single | Lampshade Media
2011 Želim biti fin Single | Lampshade Media


Posted on Oct 17 2015 at 08:38pm