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Band in Pittsburgh, PA, USA


Charisma is a solo Gospel and R&B Soul artist who began writing poetry and then advanced into songwriting. A native of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Charisma says that the intention with her sound is to join spirits together universally. Through her music she informs the listener that it’s not enough for you to have God in your life and him pushing you but you also have to have a confidence in yourself and confidence in the power of God, that gives, sustains and enhances one’s life. 
Her tracks encourages one to establish their dreams through dependence on God and he’ll supply you with the confidence and strength you need to accomplish it as well as overcome the pain you suffer in everyday life and love. Charisma sings her songs with emotion and grace as she works her way to completion as a fully-fledged artist. All music at

Charisma is a seven time Akademia Music Awards winner with best Gospel/Soul Album for God’s Grace in 2015, throughout her catalog, Charisma fills each number with the message of the Lord. Her songs are gifts for anyone who wants a reminder that there are brighter days ahead, no matter how much pain we seem to be going through. She deals with love, pain and all those day to day emotional problems we need to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Charisma’s song titles clearly reflect its themes, like “Love is Pain”, “True Love Never Dies”, “God is Amazing”, “Angels Charge” and “Jesus We Love You”. 
Charisma’s music always provides it’s listeners with a 100% percent effort on her behalf, which leaves you little room to doubt her faith. She also moves with the times, blending traditional gospel with secular R&B sounds. She is authentic and is never trying to be overly preachy nor ignore her own struggles. Songs like “I Chose Christ” is a great song that seems to tap into the need to strengthen our self-esteem that might be low. 
Charisma’s has a unique way of expressing how one feels through her R&B/Soul music, never intending to write R&B Charisma says she felt she had more to offer to the world than just the sounds of Gospel Music. As the Akademia Team clearly states, her song “You Left Me” is a reminiscent of some of Destiny Child’s greatest hits, with an addictive chorus that will become your new favorite breakup anthem. Charisma’s lyrics are written with sincerity and captures how one feels in the mist of heartache. June 2017, Charisma won an Akademia award in two separate categories Best EP R&B/Soul for her new release “Relations” and Best EP Christian/Gospel for her new release “Amazing” Charisma’s lyrics are written with sincerity capturing the highs and lows of how one feels. The Akademia team expressed, her release Relations, “Charisma’s new EP is an extraordinary R&B contribution, strewn with songs that stand their own as radio-ready singles; listen to ‘Married’ to get a fast impression of the artist’s capability to expand the genre, with equal expression ‘Amazing” her Christian/Gospel release is ‘An ethereal communication of notions equally divine and secular, it’s a stunning passel of Christian songs, ready for wide promulgation to the public.’ 
Charisma admits she’s only been writing and singing for a few years, but welcomes and embraces’ her gifts with humility, and hopes to continue on in this new found journey.