Sky Terminal

Band in Ottawa, ON, Canada


Canadian group Sky Terminal delivers catchy melodic lyrics served over dynamic musical soundscapes. The music pulls from a rich well of rock influences and has fused them with modern pop sensibilities.  The band has consistently delivered infectious top charting radio singles and energetic live performances across multiple continents.   They’ve has also taken a notable stance in writing meaningful and positively driven lyrical content. Furthering this ideal, pioneering  “Glow Festival” a touring event bringing other likeminded artists together for the greater good that people have to contribute to the world, including championing organizations that help drive the poverty line up across the world.   


Sky Terminal made their debut as a band in 2011 with the release of self produced album “Don’t Close Your Eyes”.  Founding member and Lead singer Marcel Preston had been writing and recording a collection of songs over the years and had gathered a few friends to take part in the project.  The album launched with critical acclaim, receiving a Juno Nomination.   The band continued to build momentum with multiple cross Canadian tours.  Writing and recording began on the sophomore Album “We Are One”, released in 2014. Awarded with GMA Rock Album of The year, the band began to expand with touring routes to USA and Europe.  As music developed, the sonic landscape of the music began to evolve from solid rock to blending modern pop elements.  The band’s newest member, Scott Mason, joined as the official lead guitarist in March 2015.  The band took a touring hiatus mid 2017 to mid 2018 when singer’s wife became ill.  The band took the season to reimagine their sound and when heath issues improved on the home front, the band has re-emerged with stronger resolve than ever to share the music with the world.  As Sky Terminal is currently working on recording their third album, Preston recounts “making sure that our sound is progressing forward is very important to us.  This takes countless hours of re-inventing and exploring new sounds.  But when we come across a sound that really resonates with us then we find ourselves with something we really enjoy sharing and performing.


"Don't Close Your Eyes" full length album 2011 (Juno Nominated)

"We Are One" full Length album 2014 (GMA Award Winning)

"Glow" - currently in studio