Hip hop band in Greensboro, NC, USA


African born rapper, producer, songwriter Paakwesi has a captivating way of making his words sinks deep into the very core of all who come in contact with his music.


With an innate passion for expressions running through his veins, Paakwesi’s deep lyrics and irresistible melodies make him the true artist. whose soul-stirring raspy vocals possess the power to provoke profound thoughts and evoke deep emotions from all listeners.


Influenced by music legends Sam Cooke, Fela Kuti, Reggie Rockstone, Harry Belafonte, Sade, Shabba Ranks, and Tupac Shakur, the natural born poet/lyricist has in the past decade been instrumental as a One Nation Entertainment record executive and manager in the development of a stable of top quality young African artists. A stark contrast to his staggering creative prowess as an artist himself, and another aspect that makes his debut single (Been Good) more intriguing.

Paakwesi is presently crafting a two-part album project with the help of Rap-A-Lot Records’ John Bido (responsible for some 90’s Hip Hop greats like Scarface and Ghetto Boys), sensational young Ghanaian producer, Mike Millz & internationally acclaimed Multi-instrumentalist/Producer and frontman of the Ohia Beye Ya Band and Kwashibu Records, Kwame Yeboah. The highly anticipated project is expected to shake up the music industry and offer a peephole to give listeners an intimate glimpse into his inner space and workings, his fearlessness as an artist and his convictions and experiences as Paakwesi.