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Philip John

Jazz band in Brisbane QLD, Australia


Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter and Producer, Philip John, first began performing jazz guitar around Brisbane at the age of 16; since then has continued to develop his sound and style through extensive live performance experience and guidance from local and international musicians. Having recently spent a year travelling, composing and performing around Europe, Philip has returned to Brisbane, excited to begin performing new original material which melds the worlds of jazz, soul, hip-hop, electronic and groove. Using live-looping technology Philip is able to play live instrumentation on top of his self-produced accompaniment, producing the sound of a full band but retaining the intimacy of a solo performer.

The Philip John trio/quartet featuring Joshua Batka (drums), Blake Lonie (Bass), Nic Reynolds (Keyboard) and Philip (guitar, synths, vocals) plays a repertoire firmly rooted in jazz but incorporating elements of hip-hop, acid-jazz, funk, neo-soul and electronic music. Through the use of synthesizers the group fuses the lush harmonies of jazz with a variety of modern textures and sounds.