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Cayey Cicada

Pop band in Los Angeles, CA, USA


Founded by Lugo, puerto-rican musician based in Los Angeles California. Focused on finishing a music degree, Lugo formed part of varios bands making a professional career outside his homeland.


In 2017 officially creates and launches his first single, “Lil’ Bit”, under his new artistic name Cayey Cicada, an indie pop project influenced by his personal taste in music and from the good and no that good experiences that brings the city of Los Angeles. Later, on the same year releases his first Ep Titled like his new artistic name Cayey Cicada. With songs like Amor Mío and Quédate Conmigo meant for the pure desire.


Cayey Cicada starts performing at local venues around Los Angeles and Puerto Rico. 2018 releases his second Ep titled “On My Own”. With songs like “Hasta el Amanecer” that speaks about the nostalgia of being away from home and “On My Own” where he sings about inner fights that we all share. The stories by Cayey Cicada are inspired to being able to dance in your environment making his shows full of music and energy.


November 2018 Cayey Cicada releases another single titled “Hide” where he takes advantage of his bilingual abilities. Infleunced by music where the bass is fundamentally present and caribean rhythms refused to give away there importance.



May 15, 2019 Cayey Cicada releases his latest single titled “Vuelo” In memory of our loved ones. Cayey Cicada takes his influence of reggae, electronic music and funk where it take life of its own.