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Arcane Entertainment

Metal promoter in Leeds, UK


We are a brand new multi-faceted alternative events company, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, providing an all encompassing solution to non-mainstream events which the UK has been sorely lacking.

Having held a successful launch party in March 2019 we have been building our base of suppliers, personel, artists and assets and are now preparing for our full debut in music promotion this August. Elemental is our new branded show which we believe will raise the bar of quality for alternative shows in this country. As well as mixing the best in established and up and coming acts, we will be providing eclectic, diverse lineups with the intention of breaking down the sub-genre tribalism and snobbery which has held back heavy music for so long.

Our mission statement is to change the expectations of concert goers in the UK, at our shows you won't be treated like sheep, you won't be ripped off, with fair prices for fair entertainment, you won't get watered down, over expensive drinks, you won't get sub standard food and merch. You won't get dreary grey pits for venues, but you will get a level of creativity that only we can provide.