Hard rock band in Sacramento, CA, USA


Hi ya' folks,

Our band DORIS grew out of necessity. After a brief hiatus, The Absolutes regrouped to begin recording their first album 'The Dark Summer'. The recording was going well, even after the departure of Larry, their long-standing bass player. With guitarist/vocalist Chris Amore taking over bass duties in the studio, it was time to continue writing more music. And more music was written. So much, in fact, that another band had to be started in order to keep up. That is how DORIS came to be. Chris Amore hit up long-time friend Greg Jimenez, from the old Aaron Bros. days, and it wasn't long before 7 songs were being rehearsed for a new album, to be titled 'Has to Be Done'. Well, 1.5 years later, with the album nearly complete, 25 songs in the can, and new bass player Andrew McKenzie, DORIS is ready to hit the stage... well, almost. We have been rehearsing religiously (as a matter of fact, even on Sunday), and are now planning our big debut. Only problem is, we want to play out of town as much as possible, and when we play locally we want to have at least one out-of-town band on the bill, so we can trade shows like true champions. So join us on our mission to build a great network of swarming heavy bands, traveling throughout California and from state to state.


Chris A.


Has To Be Done (single) on YouTube, Amazon Music, iTunes, etc.

4-song 'Has To Be Done' sampler CD.