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Lydia Plain

Indie band in London, UK


I'm an indie musician artist based in London, UK.   

Starting from public music schools: "Shkolla e muzikes Tefta Tashko Koco" in Korca, and "Experimental Music High School of Pallini" in Athens, I continued my music studies in piano and musicology, obtaining a Piano Diploma with excellent unanimously from Philippos Nakas Conservatory and a Bachelor's Degree in Music Studies from the department of Music Studies of the University of Athens.

I have been recording, producing and sharing my music online while connecting with my fans through social media. Everything I've made and I'm still making is with the "work with what you have" mindset, finding the DIY process a necessity that proved quite a great creative and learning experience. Always looking forward to meet kindred music souls and maybe collaborate with them.

In my music I include multi-vocal arrangements, personal recordings of traditional music, ambient sounds and cut samples. My inspiration is intrigued by almost all music genres, but mostly driven from the piano (HER) and the baby (korg synth). It all can be found on my bandcamp page:

I'm focused on 2 ongoing projects for the last years: 
_ the "Sounds of the baby" project, which explores the sounds of my Korg X50 synthesizer ( Newtonian Dance , The Black Creature )
_ and the YouTube series "Live from the Black Hole" from where "The Sky Is Falling" got featured by the drum and bass group Kings Of The Rollers in their debut self titled album.



Hospital Records

The Sky is Falling - (Single, 2019)


Lydia Plain

Live from the Black Hole  (Album, 2018) Newtonian Dance  (Single, 2017) Unfold  (Single, 2017) The Black Creature (Single, 2017) Lights    (Album, 2016) Vortex    (Album, 2015) Pws na deis   (Single, 2015) Trust in me  (Single, 2014) Rising Sun    (Album, 2014)


At Sea Compilations

City  (Compilation, 2018) Detuning   (Compilation, 2018)


Sad Songs We Love

Trust   (Compilation, 2012)


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